Putting Others Before Himself - Dr. Cyrus Farrehi

Dr. Cyrus Farrehi decided to become a doctor because he wanted to serve humanity. Medicine addresses the whole of humanity without bias and he was impressed by that. The highlight of his career was saving a child born with severe aortic valve stenosis. Male children are mostly diagnosed with this and they do not live long. Instead, it is like a death sentence. However, when a palliative effective treatment became available, Dr. Farrehi was able to save the child’s life by diagnosing him within the first day or two of his birth. He put a catheter with a balloon in the newborn’s heart and created a tear in a part of the wall of the hearts inside the heart so the blood would mix up in a natural way. This saved the child’s life because his circulation was reestablished.

Dr. Farrehi was born in Iran and completed a majority of his medical studies in his home country before relocating to the States. After earning an MD from the University of Tehran in 1958, Dr. Farrehi completed an internship and residency at Wayne County General Hospital in Eloise, MI. From 1962 to 1964, he served as a fellow in cardiology at the University of Oregon Medical School. Since then, he has lead a fulfilling career in service at a number of different hospitals and universities. He has taught at the University of Oregon, the University of Alberta and Michigan State University. He has contributed his medical services at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Portland, Oregon and has spent a majority of his career at McLaren Regional Medical Center. His most recent position at McLaren Regional Medical Center was as the Chief of Staff.

In addition to these positions, Dr. Farrehi has also served as a member of the National Advisory Board of the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan. He has also consulted with Cardiovascular Diseases and served as secretary and on the board of directors for Independent Practice Associates. Dr. Farrehi is a diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.


Director, Genesee County Medical Society (1980-Present)

President, Genesee County Medical Society (1999-2000)

Fellow, A.C.P., Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

American College of Cardiology

Clinical Council, American Heart Association

Detroit Heart Club

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